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We have created a SPECIAL CLASS that's designed around big people who want to drop those extra pounds, learn to eat better and look great in their jeans

Finally, The Seven Secrets To Boosting Your Metabolism Once and For All
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Haslett Fit Body Boot Camp has a new, special class especially designed for men and women that are 250 lbs. or more. There’s no intimidating looks from Cosmopolitans, Air-Brushed models. The entire class is designed around big people who want to drop the pounds, learn to eat better and look great in their jeans.

What is Beyond 250 Pounds?

It’s a fun, motivational workout program that blends in cardio with resistance training to help burn fat. Our workout facility is safe and not intimidating to anyone who wants to lose more than a few pounds. Our support staff understands that today’s fast paced, internet lifestyle can sometimes get the best intended people with love handles.

Our Beyond 250 Pounds program will help you shed the pounds faster and a lot easier than you might think.

Our sensible nutrition guidelines, plus motivation, and our training will help you get back to the best shape you’ve ever been in your life and for a fraction of the cost of going to an expensive brand-name club, painful bariatric surgery, and liposuction or weight-loss drugs.

Why We’re Different

Our certified instructors use a unique targeted metabolism boosting cardio training program. It gets your heart pumping a little faster with a fun, cardio boosting work out. And best of all – We’ll get you in the BEST shape as possible as FAST as possible. Our facilities are not intimidating.

If you can relate to any of the people above, you need to know about our Haslett Fit Boot Camp Special, for Beyond 250 Pounds classes filled with people who are just like you. No swimsuit models in this class. Just ordinary people with the same goals as you have: To drop weight and look great.

Take advantage of our special offer right now, and learn to burn the fat in a fun and educational Boot Camp that will help you get on the road to being fit for life.

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